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            Let me start here by justifying the title of this page. Business really isnít a secret. It is just a process that isnít taught to most people in our society. When you learn about the processes of business it isnít a mystery anymore and it is no longer a secret. Education is a major part of the solving of the secret we talk about here. Information is a big part of this solution.

Our main objective with this business is to become your consulting source. It is business training that we strive to bring to you the needed information. If you arrived here from our blog then you are in the right place.

Business training is your secret to success. When you know these processes your business success factor will increase greatly. Your only logical goal is to learn how to obtain business success and avoid business failure. This is exposed through the opening of the secrets of business; that secret is business training and the knowledge it provides to business success. It all involves accumulating information for success

What you will find in this consulting website system is:

1.    Our mission to our customers is centered on business training.

2.    A list of the consulting services we offer

3.    The process and importance of business planning

4.    The relationship of marketing to sales

5.    The benefits of coaching in your business progress

6.    The benefits of adding a website to your business

7.  The knowledge of Business Law

8. the accumulation of the needed information to succeed.

One major point to this is information from a consulting source is very valuable to you and a lot less expensive than doing the business process without consulting help. You can visit our blog at this link and enter any questions you may have. In addition we will be posting a lot of information that may be helpful to you as you seek out your own business information. You may also want to visit our FAQ page for possible answers to your questions. Here is the link to the blog

To access our sales chart which is a complete list of business training segments CLICK HERE

            What we are going to show you here is the reason why business fails. When you know why they fail then you can easily avoid those mistakes ourselves. We will show you how to find out how to achieve business success because business failure only shows you what doesnít work and you need to know what does work. That is the avenue to business success. Get a consultant that can help


There are three basic reasons why people seek out information about business. They are either in a business, be it a startup or an ongoing in-process business, or they are considering going into their own business and they donít know where to start. Thatís reasons number one and two. Number three is they want to supplement their income with a part time business. Getting the assistance of a consultant is important here because consulting help will solve the questions that will arise.

If you have been laid off from your job and you need employment we have developed a system that you can use to get back to work but not as an employee. Many businesses are using this model more and more. We show you how to do this rightHere is the link to that page. This package comes with some consulting.

            The major reason why most people donít go into their own business is because they have heard those horror stories about someone they know who was starting a business and they failed ending up in debt and miserable. This is all negative information and should be eliminated from your thoughts. Then we hear about that friend or neighbor that has started a business that is a business success. This is the information that is positive and of a benefit. All of the businesses you have ever worked for were started as a startup business that was able to reach success. If they can do it, so can you. Many got there the costly way and a few obtained consulting services and saved a lot of money. The information gathered was worth the cost.

            When we analyze the difference between the business success and the business failure we find that it is either the success had a great abundance of funding available or they had access to a mentor or a business training program that taught them what to do to become a business success. Again the payment for information is always the best answer to your costs. It will always prove that the right information will lead to success. These services are often offered by consulting services such as what we offer here.

The one that had the large amount of funding was in a better position to make the business mistakes that they made and learn from them. Mistakes are the results of learning the needed information the costly way. Mistakes are simply lessons that teach us what business functions donít work.. Knowing that information is available about business and the process of business startup you would be very foolish not to seek out all you can learn about the processes of what it takes to develop business success. This is where we, as your consultant, can provide you the business training to make you successful much quicker and at a lot less cost to you. Business doesnít need to be costly and the consultant that can bring you the right business training information will be a big money saver to you and your business. This greatly reduces the chances of failure. This is our goal and mission as your consultant; to provide consulting services without a lot of lost costs.


This is how most businesses developed in the past that ended up being a business success. This method, often referred to as trial and error, requires a lot of capital to make it work. This trial and error is pretty much eliminated when a consultant is used to provide the business training. That capital required must be of a sufficient amount to pay for the business mistakes. When the consultant isnít present the bigger mistakes will be made.. This continues and in that mix there are lessons about what does work. Eliminate all of this with the consultant and their consulting and business training they will provide. This is what we will provide as your consultant.

Contact us and we will be glad to take you on as a client. Delays will only cause you your time and money and your fears of becoming unemployed will continue to build and eventually interfere with your goals to start your own business. To purchase this service you will need to CLICK HERE

The difference between business failure and business success is the business information available and how to access that business information. If you could learn what didnít work then you could start from that and proceed to find what does work. That is a better place to start from than starting with no knowledge of what has worked in the past. So why worry about what didnít work? There is business information available today that will tell you how to structure and develop a business model that will work just fine. Every business that exists will have a basic business model to use to develop that business. Learn what that is and you can learn what you need to do to develop a business model modified from the basic model to one that can become a business success

Here is the usual reason why business failures occur. Most people think it is a lack of funding but that isnít the main reason why business failures occur. It is true that some fail because this is the reason but that is minor compared to the real reason. The most common reason is because of the lack of business information. Without knowing how business works and how it is accomplished you could spend 100 times what is required to succeed in finding this out. Instead of paying that much to learn through the process by making mistakes and learning, why not just pay for the information needed to have a business success. Using us as your consultant and trainer will do just this for you.

Either your intent is to learn what you need to develop a businessís success or you struggle for a long time and spend a lot of money learning how to make a business success happen and increase your chances of failing the process because you donít have the time or the deep pockets to make it work. Getting the needed information through the consultant like us is the best answer.

This is the major reason why we started the business of M Douglas Brough Consulting LLC. We have learned a lot of what you need to make a business success happen and we are in the process of publishing information about the development and the operations of successful business. Our philosophy is that you should study the process of the business entrepreneur model and apply them for business success. In addition if you have any questions about a process or procedure you want to implement we have an answer as to whether it will work or not. If it will work there are probably steps you will need to take to insure that it is safe and owned by you without any outside infringements on someoneís possible patent rights or copywriters infringements.

Given this information your choices are spend a little bit of your time and learn how to become a business entrepreneur or learn it the expensive way and probably end up failing like many of the others out there who decided that they didnít need any consulting with anyone or hire a mentor to help them succeed. The difference would be about a cost of $15,000.00 to hire a mentor or consultant and use their services for about 5 years or spend about $250,000.00 to do it without help and be totally at risk and prone to failure. The choice is really yours. Either plan to succeed or plan to fail. In fact failing to plan for success will end up in a default of planning to fail. Either way you are making either a conscious plan to succeed or you end up with a plan to fail. The plan to succeed is usually by choice and the failure to do this is failure by default. It is your business and your dream. You donít need to invite business failure by default. One of our programs as a consultant is to assist you in developing your business plan. If you donít take action while you are here you will probably end up trying to get back to here to get signed up for the business training we are providing and offering right now. The lack of action on your part starts your planning to fail in life so take that action right now and letís get started. CLICK HERE to access the chart of sales and get your dream started.


Everything we teach you or every service we provide you will be with the highest possible quality of service and the best and most accurate information. we can provide.  With each service or training session we will provide a certain amount of consulting services that will help you work theough what we are teaching you or providing to you that will help you improve your business or start your business processes to work toward the process of starting your business, Therefore we are providing a 30 day warranty on all the information we provide. If you are not satisfied with what we are teaching you all you will need to do is to returm any and all written material and we will provide you a complete refund on your purchase. However any consulting or associated coaching we provide with our aervices will be eliminated at that point and these services will end immediately.

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